Warm Congratulations on the Issuance of the Completion Certificate of the Tanzania MU-SU Project


In May 2022, the completion certificate of the Tanzania MU-SU Substations Project was successfully issued, and the substations were successfully handed over to the client, realizing the closure of the contract, which once again demonstrated the company's strong performance capability.

The construction of the Tanzania MU-SU Substations Project is of great significance for meeting the growing power demand in the local western and southern regions, alleviating the high-load operation pressure of the existing power grid, and improving the efficiency and quality of power transmission. The project was constructed in the way of EPC, under the global pandemic environment, in order to ensure the construction period and optimize the cost, the project execution team withstood the pressure and did not back down. With the strong support of the company leaders and colleagues from various departments, they adopted the method of independent construction and successfully completed the power transmission of the both substations on March 19 and April 29, 2022. Since the start of construction, the company's project execution team has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements, established friendly and trustworthy cooperative relations with the client, subcontractors, etc., integrated the advantageous resources of all parties, and solidly promoted project implementation. After scientific organization and careful construction, a benchmark project with excellent quality and bright spots was finally constructed and handed over.

During the construction of the project, the executive team always adhered to legal and compliant operations, strictly fulfilled contracts, respected local religious beliefs and cultural traditions, actively assumed social responsibilities, and took the initiative to provide local jobs, which has won the support of the local government, communities and surrounding residents for the project, showing a good corporate image.


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