Successful Power Transmission of Guinea Substation Project


The Guinea Substation Project is located in the M District of Conakry, Guinea, a West African country. The purpose of this substation is to supply power to factories and people in the capital region, and to alleviate the current situation of tight power supply in the capital region, which is of great significance to the Guinean government. The contract went into effect in 2019.

This project is the first substation project of Shandong Taikai Power Engineering Co., Ltd in Guinea. In line with the belief of establishing a model project and opening the prelude to the Guinean market, with the strong support of the company leaders and various functional departments, the members of the project department have overcome many difficulties and reduced the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the overall progress of the project by submitting electronic drawings to the client and weekly holding an online video conferences with the client and consultants to discuss drawing approvals. After the coup d'etat in Guinea, members of the project department did not forget their original aspirations. After confirming with the Chinese embassy that the situation was stable and ensured safety, they immediately threw themselves into the intense on-site construction.

Finally, in early 2022, the Guinea Substation Project successfully completed the power transmission!

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