Successful Energization of Côte d'Ivoire WB III Project Bongo Substation


At 20:30 local time on April 15, 2023, good news came from Bongo Substation of the Côte d'Ivoire WB III Project: After 9 hours and 262 steps of careful operation, the main transformer bay and 33kV outlet bay were energized and put into operation.This project is located near the Bongo Town in Côte d'Ivoire, and is the first EPC substation construction project won by our company in Côte d'Ivoire. The Bongo Substation is an intermediate substation and the original 90kV substation has only one 24MVA main transformer, which has a large power supply radius and low power quality. With the development of the local economy, the demand and stability requirements for electricity in the relevant regions are increasing day by day.



After the bid was released, we formed a team around the core of "Marketing, Technology & Engineering", took the project as the management unit to work together, provided the customer with excellent complete solutions, and finally won the bid.The scope of work includes several new 90kV inlet bays, bus coupler bays, bus PT bays, transformer bays, as well as the displacement of the original transformer; renovation of the existing 33kV outlet line and reservation of an equal amount of outlet lines of the same voltage level. The capacity of this substation was upgraded from 24MVA to 48MVA after the renovation, which greatly increased the capacity of the substation, while the MV bus coupler cubicle could guarantee the stability of power supply in the area.



During the construction we faced multiple difficulties such as heavy tasks of power supply guarantee, severe situation of pandemic prevention and control, and challenges of resuming work and production; and later on, during the enegization phase, long period of power outage coordination and difficult power outage. Finally, after much effort, we set a plan to complete the energization on April 15.In order to restore the line within the limited outage time, our general manager personally went to the site to guide the work, schedule the acceptance plan, optimize the construction timing, improve the construction plan, and finally complete the energization and line restoration within the required period.



After the energization, the project department received congratulatory messages from the WB coordinator and consulting project manager. This success of energization not only brought the relationship between the project department and the employer closer, but also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent project cooperation.

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