Botswana's T Substation Officially Put Into Use


On April 17, 2024, Botswana's T 132/11kV Substation was officially put into use by the government in the presence of Botswana's Minister of Energy, Constituency Member of Parliament and Minister of Communication Technology, Grand Chief of Gaborone, CEO and Board Members of Botswana Power Corporation, and community dignitaries.

The T 132/11kV substation project is TKEC's first government project in Botswana, which is funded by the Ministry of Energy and owned by Botswana Power Corporation. During the ceremony, the Grand Chief of Gaborone, the capital city, gave a presentation on the development of livelihoods in the project site, which is located in the capital city's T area, facing a growing problem of power supply after the region grows to become the fourth most populated area by 2020. The CEO of Botswana Power Corporation introduced the background of the project and the significance of the project for the region. In order to improve the power shortage faced by the region, through public tender, TKEC and Botswana Power Corporation signed the turnkey contract for the 132/11kV T Substation and handed it over in 2022. The construction of this substation has provided an adequate power supply for the residents and commercial development of T area and several nearby areas, which has greatly contributed to the local economic development.

The Minister of Energy recognized TKEC's contribution to the project as the general contractor and invited those present to express their sincere gratitude to TKEC. TKEC's commitment to the government of Botswana's Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy (CEEP) during the implementation of the project has resulted in a number of outcomes that have benefited the local population, providing partnership opportunities for 22 local companies, providing a wealth of employment and training opportunities for the residents of T area, as well as donations of learning materials and uniforms to local elementary school. Those present expressed high appreciation for the corporate social responsibility realized by TKEC during the implementation of the project. The Minister of Energy, the Minister of Communication Technology, the Grand Chief of Gaborone, the CEO of Botswana Power Corporation and the TKEC team then completed the ceremony.

The official put into use of this substation marks another milestone in TKEC's global power services, and TKEC will continue to march forward and deliver more projects with high quality and quantity.

Adhering to the corporate mission of Construct the Quality, Serve Global Power, TKEC will continue to plough into the international market, ride on the momentum and create new successes!

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