Congratulations to the Successful Delivery of the Lusaka Airport Power Supply Project, Zambia


On January 14, 2022, the Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development of Zambia officially issued the handover certificate for the Lusaka Airport Power Supply Project. The issuance of this certificate signifies that the Lusaka Airport Power Supply Project has been successfully delivered to the employer, that is, the main contract obligations have been fully fulfilled, and the project has been successfully closed. As the first EPC project constructed by our company in Zambia, its main scope of work is the new KKIA Substation (132/11kV), the expansion of CHONGWE Substation, the expansion of Substation M1, the new Shopping Mall Switchyard, 7.5KM of overhead line among these substations and 6KM of 11kV buried cable line. The project aims to provide stable power supply for the new airport in Zambia's capital, which is of great significance.

The project was officially launched in August 2019. After 15 months of construction, it was completed and powered on in November 2020. The project has been running smoothly for more than one year before delivery. During the implementation of the project, colleagues in the project department overcame various difficult factors and won high recognition from the employer. The company hired and trained local laborers, providing thousands of employment opportunities for local residents; the local procurement of construction materials has stimulated the local economic growth; by respecting local religious beliefs and ethnic customs, providing disaster relief, actively integrating into local communities, supporting local education, promoting the development of public welfare undertakings, benefiting local people, the project has contributed to the local economic development and improvement of people's livelihood. In the next step, the project department will continue to take responsibility for the project, make persistent efforts, and efficiently complete the remaining work of the follow-up contract closure.


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