Warm Congratulations to TKEC on Completion of HH Project in Bangladesh Ahead of Schedule


At BJT 7:00 pm on March 7, 2019, the transformer in Hasnabd Substation of HH Project in Bangladesh was successfully operated with load and at 8:00 pm on March 14, 2019, the transformer in Haripur Substation was successfully operated with load, which, compared with the contract completion time, achieved energization 136 days in advance.

The HH Project is a renovation project for an old substation. The single-phase transformer supplied by our company is to replace one phase of the original transformer bank. The two substations of HH Project were built and commissioned in 1992, so the original transformers and comprehensive protection system in the substations are outmoded. To guarantee that the new transformer after commissioning is capable of operating in parallel with the original transformer, the former shall have the same parameters with the latter, and a sound connection of incoming and outgoing lines, terminal boxes and comprehensive protection system is also required between them. The Project Department organized the designers and transformer designers to investigate and collect data at the site. The transformer drawings of the original substations were aged and damaged, and the wire list was unclear, so the Project Department organized field tests in time to test the transformer parameters and signals. With the pragmatic spirit, our personnel checked every detail with the employer, overcame difficulties and successfully completed the design work.

The Hasnabad Substation and Haripur Substation are substations for operation. These substation have narrow roads and complicated overhead lines, and both are located around Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. As an important power transmission and transformation hub in Dhaka area, the blackout time is required to be very limited. Our department and the transportation team worked out a detailed unloading plan and transformer placement plan, and successfully placed the transformer without temporary removal of equipment on both sides of the transformer. Before transformer installation, our department, together with the employer and the subcontractor personnel, made a rigorous work plan to minimize the blackout time. The two substations were energized within the scheduled time, the employer's Project Department, Protection Department and Operation and Maintenance Department spoke in high praise of the early completion.

The early energization of HH Project in Bangladesh indicates not only TKEC's injection of Taikai blood into the Bangladesh power grid again but also TKEC's unquestionable strength in power engineering.


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