Successful Energizing of 220kV Substation in Tanzania


On the morning of Sept.15, 2018, the working staff repeatedly confirmed the availability of energizing conditions and determined the operators, supervisors, testers and site commanders before the technicians from NR Electric implemented commissioning of the background monitor system and signal check and the technicians from TKEC implemented commissioning and check of the primary and secondary circuit system in control room. At 11:30, the SONGEA substation achieved the power supply success at one time, which indicates that TKEC’s EPC MS Project in Tanzania (three 220kV substations with capacity 30MVA and voltage class 220/33/11kV) located in RUVUMA and NJOMBE and with floor area totaling 30000m2 has been put into safe operation.
From the commencement date Sept.26, 2016 to the completion date Sept.15, 2018, our company’s strenuous efforts were obviously shown in our EPC project. Facing tight construction period, high requirements of the employer/consultant, difficult external coordination and many other hardships, our company rigorously control the core route of EPC project management, adopt the organization and integration of designing and engineering process, adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of Honest, Trustworthy, Pragmatic and Innovative, stick to the construction ideal of Object Management, Process Control, Detail Oriented and Outcome Guidance, ensure the construction quality and safety and has successfully completed the planning, designing, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and trial operation, etc. The establishment and operation of the project has significantly improved the power supply capacity and reliability of the southwest Tanzania power grid, thus creating favorable conditions for economic development of southwest Tanzania. The painstaking efforts paid by our company will be further demonstrated with the operation of the project.

Success belongs to the past. The TKEC personnel are courageous in innovation and will continue marching forward to complete one and another high-quality project, make more glorious achievements in the competitive markets and truly Serve Global Power!


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