Successful Energizing of 220kV N Substation of Uganda NH Project


At 23:06 on December 22, 2017 Beijing time, the Nkenda Substation of the Uganda NH project successfully completed its commissioning of enegization. The commissioning started at 22:00 on December 21, 2017 Beijing time, and took 25 hours to complete successfully, and the energization was finally succeeded on January 15, 2018. Since the start of construction of the Nkenda Substation of the NH Project, the project department has overcome difficulties such as high technical requirements for special geological excavation, poor on-site backfill soil quality, and difficult construction in the rainy season, and made concerted efforts to ensure the successful enegization at one time.

The success of enegization of Nkenda Substation is inseparable from the accumulated dedication of the on-site project department personnel, the full cooperation of relevant domestic departments, and the full support of the company's leaders.

The project department will continue to work hard to complete other follow-up projects of the company. We will surely fulfill our aspiration in the future and make the slogan - Serve Global Power - resound around the world.


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