TKEC Successfully Participated in the Local Job Fair in Tanzania


From June 18 to 19, 2016, under the support of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, the first Tanzania talent exchange recruitment co-hosted by Confucius College of University of Dar es Salaamand and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce was held successfully in the University of Dar es Salaamand. The job fair attracted more than 100 Chinese enterprises in Tanzania, which provided nearly 3000 jobs. Many leaders attended the job fair opening ceremony, including Tanzania Department of Education, Deputy Secretary, Secretary Aquile; Department of Labor, Employment Bureau of City, General Director Ali; University of Dar es Salaamand, Vice Principal Kay Mambo; Tanzania Employer Association Deputy Director of the Executive, Director Susan and other government officials; the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, Political Counselor Zhang Biao and Cultural Counselor Gao Wei; Economic and Commercial Representative Office, Sun Cheng; Confucius College, Principal Zhang Xiaozhen; the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, President Huang Zaisheng.

The staffs of Tanzania Project Department went actively into action for the recruitment. We made banners and roll up banners. Jiang Zilong, Wang Shupeng and other staffs participated in the recruitment. The positions provided by our company were very popular. During the two days of the recruitment, A total of 152 people have registered on the registration form, 68 written resumes have been received, and about 90 electronic resumes have been received. The written resumes and electronic resumes were screened several times by the project department staffs. After the initial interview, 10 persons who had strong comprehensive qualities had been recruited; in June 25, the second round of the interview was carried out in the agency of company. After draw drawings, instrument operation, written examination and etc, the local employees has been initially selected.

With the globalization of economy, if one enterprise wants to have a brighter future, the development of globalization and the strategy of multinational enterprise must be taken into consideration. If the multinational enterprise want to develop and expand continuously and effectively, it is necessary to take the localization strategy. The participation of this recruitment fair is the active response to the staff localization which is the appeal of enterprise from Tanzania project department, to solve the problems of expanding the market with all strength and shorthanded problems of advancing the progress of project, and to save the cost of project. At the same time, the participation of the job fair also improves the popularity of company in the local social, accelerates the pace of integration into the Tanzania local society, so that the company can take root in Tanzania for healthy growth. Our company has taken a solid step in Tanzania, to realize the common development and progress of enterprises and talents.


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