Successful Energizing of Bangladesh 230/132kV AIS Substation


"Success ...... Congratulation ......" A sound of cheers fluttered in the clear blue sky after the rain. On August 8, the other two 132kV outlet bays of the Barisal 230/132kV AIS Substation Project in Bangladesh constructed by TKEC were successfully energized. This is another staged victory following the successful energization of one 230kV incoming bay, one transformer bay and two 132kV outlet bays on June 18.

Looking back on the past 600 days and nights, from a depression to the current successful energization, the scene at that time is vivid in my mind. The Barisal 230/132kV AIS Substation Project covers an area of about 54,000 square meters, including two strings of 230kV 3/2 circuit breaker wiring bays, four 132kV outlet bays, two 330MVA autotransformers, average backfill height of 2.53 meters, total backfill of about 130,000 cubic meters, 760 pile foundations (about 10,500 meters), about 500 tons of steel bars used, and more than 6,000 cubic meters of concrete poured. In order to ensure the project duration, quality and cost, the project department organizes the construction on its own under the leadership of the company's leaders starting from cofferdam, soil exploration, material procurement, employee recruitment, dealing with picking quarrels and provoking troubles, to land backfilling, wall piling, foundation production, and control room construction. During the peak period of civil construction, more than 250 people were working at the same time, and the project department strengthened on-site construction scheduling, arranged tasks every day and recorded the completion status, held construction meetings every week, launched labor competitions, rushed work day and night, and overcame many difficulties such as strikes and traffic blockades to ensure the supply of materials. As of January 2015, the key work that restricts the construction period, such as the project structure foundation, equipment foundation, main transformer foundation, and control room, has been completed.

In mid-January, the focus of on-site construction turned to electrical work, and equipment installation, testing, and commissioning began one after another. The staff of the project department timely counted the incoming goods and materials, and registered and recorded the materials as needed. Even during the Spring Festival, they still stick to their posts and have no regrets. Since April, Bangladesh has experienced high temperature and high humidity, with the highest temperature reaching above 38°C. In order to ensure the construction period, the project department prepared mung bean soup and other heatstroke-preventing and cooling foods in time to ensure labor and logistics. General Manager Duan of the company and Manager Zhang of the Project Management Department came to the site successively to guide the work, visited the site for scheduling, and solved the practical problems in the construction of the project. They have spent this hard and busy time with us.

On June 18, about 60 persons including the chief engineer of PGCB, general manager of electrical design, PD and project management and operation personnel of Barisal substation, together with all members of TKEC, witnessed the emergency bay’s energization on site. “Close QA1...Close Transformer QA1...”, With the issuance of one after another operation command, the energization was successful! The employers and the members of the project department hugged and congratulated each other. The successful one-time energization is unimaginable in Bangladesh. It is the perfect embodiment of Taikai Group's product quality and a full affirmation of TKEC's management and execution capabilities.

From the safe operation of partial bays for nearly two months, to the successful power transmission of the remaining two 132kV outlet bays on August 8, we not only won the applause from the employer for the moment of energization, but also won the recognition of the Taikai Group's products from the PGCB, and the employer's respect for the general contracting ability of TKEC. At the same time, with the efforts of the marketing department, in the future, for the tendering projects issued by the project employer with own funds, several categories of products produced by Taikai Group, including circuit breakers, disconnectors, and transformers, can enter the bidding only with authorization and parameter tables. Thinking back to the implementation process of working overtime, having no rest days, and working together, it all becomes sweet!

The successful energization of the Barisal 230kV AIS Substation is the result of the company's leadership's correct decision-making under the guidance of the company's promotion of the Taikai brand and the goal of building high-quality projects. It is the result of the full support of all departments of the company. I would like to express my deep respect to the leaders of the company and my thanks to all colleagues. Fear not the strong pass iron-clad on all sides! The summit’s now surmounted with big strides. Moving forward firmly, there will be a thousand splendid suns!


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