Mongolia's DMP Expansion and Construction Projects are Progressing Smoothly


On June 2014, Shandong Taikai Power Engineering Co., Ltd signed a contract with Mongolia United Energy LLC on DMP 110kV Extension and 6kV Construction Turnkey Project. The equipment of the extension substation covers most of Taikai’s products, including transformer, circuit breaker, disconnector, switchgear, cable and var compensation equipment.

The early stage equipment drawings of the project have been approved by the employer and entered into production phase. The employer spoke highly of timeliness and quality of the drawings provided by TKEC. Our on-site professional project management staff also won praises of all parties.

At present, some products have been shipped to the construction site. The civil engineering and earthing, equipment foundation, lightning protection, lighting and operation room have already completed construction. We firmly believe that, under the guidance of company leaders and with the support of brother departments, all staff of project department will spare no efforts to build Mongolia 110kV and 6kV Turnkey Project into an excellent model project.


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