Warm congratulations on the energization of the Mozambique Project


On July 1, 2022, the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, attended the energization ceremony of Temane Substation of our company's Mozambique 110kV Substations Project, also present were the Swedish embassy, officials from the provinces of Inhambane and Sofala, and EDM executives, who witnessed the successful completion of the Temane Substation. At the ceremony, the president delivered a speech affirming our company's efforts and execution capabilities for the project, which once again demonstrated the company's strong contract performance capabilities.

This project is one of the key projects of rural electrification project in Mozambique, aiming at promoting rural electrification project. After the completion and energization of the Temane Substation, the power supply from Sofala, a few hundred kilometers away, can now be introduced into Vilanculos and surrounding areas, so as to effectively solve the problem of insufficient power supply in the rural grid in the area, thereby promoting the local tourism and economic development, which is of great significance to the Mozambican government.

Since the start of the project, after uncontrollable events such as the impact of the pandemic and exchange rate fluctuations occurred, the project team quickly responded to the challenges and overcame various difficulties, realized exchange rate claims and reduced the company's losses. At the same time, in the process of project promotion, the Ministry of Energy and the President also visited the project site and highly affirmed the work of the project department, showing a good corporate image.


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