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On July 3, the Egyptian President Sisi and the Prime Minister Madbouli attended the opening ceremony of Egypt's Mansour Railway Station and the opening ceremony of the 10th Ramadan City Electrified Light Rail Project. The Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang was also invited to attend. The 10th Ramadan City Electrified Light Rail Project is the first electrified light rail in Egypt and Africa. It is located on the central axis of Egypt's "Eastern Economic Corridor" and connects the three major cities of Cairo, the new administrative capital, and the 10th Ramadan City.

The completion and opening of the project will provide efficient and convenient commuting services for the 5 million residents who travel between Cairo's old town and the new capital, and will play an important role in developing the economy of eastern Egypt and promoting Egypt's industrialization process. The project adopts Chinese technology and equipment and is jointly implemented by enterprises of the two countries. It is the first major project of China's rail transit industry chain in Egypt. It has the characteristics of high technical standards, high proportion of equipment and high added value.As one of the builders of the 220kV high-voltage system, Shandong Taikai Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Taikai for short, provides 220kV combined electrical (GIS) equipment in the traction substation for the project, which is responsible for the breaking of the entire 220kV high-voltage line. This means that at critical moments, the substation can obtain comprehensive protection signals to power off the entire station in milliseconds, ensuring the safety of electric locomotives and stations.

The 220kV high-voltage equipment supplier is subject to strict technical review by the employer team, and every parameter and design detail has to be repeatedly scrutinized and confirmed. Shandong Taikai promptly dispatched a professional technical team to connect with the client, supervisor, and power transmission company, and cooperated with the China Railway Second Institute team to continuously optimize the design. From the submission of the first version of the design drawings to the final confirmation, close and efficient repeated revisions and continuous improvements have been made to strive for perfection, ensuring that the access to the power grid and the use of high-voltage equipment are in line with the Egyptian grid specifications. In the end, Shandong Taikai's 220kV GIS took the lead in the production process through the client's technical approval among the high-voltage equipment. This result greatly inspired the morale of other brother units and laid the foundation for promoting the overall construction of the substation.In 2021, in the equipment production stage, the Shandong Taikai contract performance team has overcome many difficulties, such as the severe global pandemic, the obstruction of transportation of materials, and the difficulty of coordination, and actively carried out work and strict internal management. After unremitting efforts, the equipment has passed the acceptance test in advance and is ready for delivery.During the on-site installation stage, it was summer in Egypt, the outdoor temperature was above 40°C, and the outdoor construction conditions were difficult. While ensuring the pandemic prevention and control in place, the service team worked overtime to keep up with the construction period, interpreting the "artisan spirit" of excellence with practical actions, and completed the project power transmission work ahead of schedule.

Since the start of the project, in the face of various difficulties and challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Shandong Taikai has adhered to the corporate tenet of "Honest, Trustworthy, Pragmatic and Innovative", lived up to its mission, and fully demonstrated its strong technical capabilities, delivery capabilities and on-site construction performance capabilities during the construction of the 10th Ramadan City Urban Rail Project in Egypt. This project will not only create a good reputation for Taikai brand, Taikai equipment and Taikai service in the Egyptian market, but will also have a good brand demonstration effect in the Middle East and Africa market!

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