TKEC donated supplies to Mafitlhakgosi Primary School in Botswana


The Tlokweng Project is the first EPC project undertaken by our company in Botswana, which is located in the Tlokweng district of Gaborone. With more residents moving in and commercial development, this district has faced more and more serious power shortages in recent years. In order to solve this problem, our company signed a 132/11kV substation EPC contract with Botswana Power Corporation and started construction in 2021. At present, the project has entered the stage of electrical installation and commissioning, and it is planned to be powered and handed over in 2022. By then, the substation will provide sufficient power supply for residents and commercial development in Tlokweng and several nearby districts, and help the local economic development. Since entering the African market, TKEC has not only achieved good results in engineering business, but also actively participated in social welfare activities, actively assumed the social responsibilities of Chinese enterprises, fulfilled social obligations, and reflected excellent corporate culture, winning praise from local governments and people in African countries.

The Botswana Project Department, adhering to the Taikai Group's corporate spirit - Honest, Trustworthy, Pragmatic, Innovative, Pursue the Perfect, Contribute to Society, donated the much-needed winter school uniforms and learning materials to Mafitlhakgosi Primary School on June 28, 2022. Representatives of the client, Botswana Power Corporation and the consultant, Mott Macdonald, local community leader, chief of the project location and local mainstream media attended the donation event. The principal of Mafitlhakgosi Primary School expressed deep gratitude to our company for the donation. When the donated materials were handed over, the local chief fully affirmed the social responsibility embodied by our company's donation. The staff of our project department also said that TKEC will, under the corporate mission of Serving Global Power, continue to participate in local social, welfare and environmental construction under the principle of fulfilling social responsibilities, fulfilling social obligations, and embodying an excellent corporate culture.


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