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1000kV UHV Transformer

The 1000kV UHV transformer has the highest voltage level and the largest capacity, representing the highest level of design and manufacture of UHV transformers in the world today. Its structure is complex, and it is extremely difficult to design, manufacture and test.

During the whole research and development process, our company has carried out a lot of in-depth research on key technologies such as insulation technology, insulation structure design, prevention of local overheating, impact of transient overvoltage on transformers, cooling and oil flow charging problems, impulse voltage distribution problems, short-circuit strength problems, super overweight transportation and process test scheme involved in 1000kV UHV transformers, and achieved fruitful results.

On March 10, 2017, the 1000MVA/1000kV UHV transformer prototype independently developed by our company passed all the factory tests and type tests at one time. Among them, the high-voltage partial discharge is less than 20PC, the medium-voltage partial discharge is less than 30PC, the low-voltage partial discharge is less than 60PC, and the noise is 71dB. All performance indicators are better than the requirements of national standards and technical specifications, and key indicators such as insulation tolerance, partial discharge and noise have reached the international leading level. The product passed the national technical appraisal on July 1, 2017.

Through the research and development of 1000kV UHV transformers, our company has mastered the core technology of design and manufacture of 1000kV UHV transformers at the international leading level, formed an advanced, complete and mature AC transformer product design and manufacturing technology system with independent intellectual property rights, and possessed the ability to independently develop new products and new technologies with international advanced level; our company has become the first private enterprise capable of producing 1000kV UHV transformers, and one of the few companies in the world that can produce 1000kV UHV transformers. It has improved the technological innovation ability and core competitiveness of the company, and laid a solid foundation for the company to develop the UHV transformer market at home and abroad in the future.


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