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SC(B) Serial Epoxy Casting Dry Transformer

This serial epoxy casting dry transformer uses high-quality materials, scientific formula and ad-vanced technology. The product has high reliability and long life characteristics. It can be config-ured with different levels of protection, or does not configure the shell casing depending on the use of the environment. It applies to high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemicalplants, nuclear power plants, ships and other important or special place. Using dry-type transformers proprietary technology and casting stress control technology, con-trolling casting dry-type transformers internal insulation in the best condition, ensures key perfor-mance of dry-type transformers.

The product calculated field strength during the design process. Make the various components field strength to 75% or less of insulating materials by adjusting the relevant parameters and ensure the product's advanced technical performance.Leading rated performance to relevant links in advance during the product design, so that the product design inputed has included relevant requirements and made the output meet the need.

Service and Installation Conditions
Environment temperature
The maximum temperature:+40
The maximum monthly average temperature:+30
The maximum yearly average temperature:+20
The lowest yearly temperature:-5
Power voltage waveform: power voltage waveform approximate sine.
The symmetry of multi-phase power voltage: connected power voltage of multi-phase
transformershould be approximately symmetrical.
Protection class:IP00, IP20, IP23.
Cooling style:air cold and forced air-cooled
Note: it should be explained if the transformer is used in special conditions in order.

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