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TYD-35~220 Capacitor Voltage Transformer

This series of capacitor voltage transformer is applied in the use of voltage measurement, energy measurement and relay protection in power system with frequency of 50Hz, automatic monitor, and network controller over the same period can also be used as coupling capacitor in carrier equipment in power line, adopting GB/T4730-2007 Capacitor voltage transformer as standrd.

1. Working Conditions
Max. temperature:+45℃
Min. temperature: -40℃
Altitude: not more than 1000m(technical condictions through consulation when altitude is more than 1000m)
Environment pollution class: II, III, IV pollution area(if there are special requirement please indicate on contract.
Seismic fortification intensity: 9 degrees
Wind velocity: no more than 35m/s
Installation site: indoors or outdoors
2.Product Structures
The product adopts multicone type structure---capacitive divider multiple above electromagnetic unit with compact structure and covering a small area. Metal expande is installed on capacitive divider to compensate the alteration of oil level caused by temperature; electromagnetic unit is oil-immersed structure, mid-volt connection enclosed inside of product. Inspecting window installed on tank to inspect alteration of oil level,  full enclosed metal oil drain valve  equipped on the bottom of tank to release transformer oil on lowest part of tank.

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