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LVB(T)-35~220 Oil-immersed Inverted Current Transformer

This series of current transformer is for the use of current measurement, electrical metering and relay protection in power system, and adopts the standard of GB1208-2006 Current Transformer.

1 .Working Conditions
Max. temperature:+40℃
Min. temperature: -45℃
Altitude: not more than 3000m
Atmospheric conditions: no serious corrosive gas and combustibles & explosives
Seismic fortification intensity: 9 degrees
Wind velocity: no more than 35m/s
Installation site: indoors or outdoors
2.Product Structure
The overall structure of oil-immersed inverted is full enclosed structure,and main insulation adopts oil paper compound insulation. They are made up of primary winding, body, expander, conservator, insulator, pedestal and secondary terminal box.
The primary and secondary winding are set inside of conservator. Outgoing line of secondary windings are led to terminal box on upper of pedestal through lead line.
Adaptation of argon-arc welding for conservator dissolves oil leakage problem due to unequal fastness of bolt.
Stainless steel of expander on upper part of equipment can adjust the alteration of oil volume due to change of temperature.

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