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XGN46-40.5 Fixed AC Gas-insulated Switchgear

XGN46-40.5 Case Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear (briefed as C-GIS in the following), a complete power distribution device for 40.5 kV, three-phase, AC and 50 HZ single bus bar and single-busbar section system, is primarily applied for the power supply of power plant, power receiving and distribution of transmission and transformation substation, power distribution of the mineral enterprises and other situations, as well as the control, protection, monitor under the environment with high humidity (or condensation), high altitude, high pollution class and so on.The switchgear abides to the standards of IEC60298, IEC60056, GB1984-89 and etc.The switchgear is of reasonable component arrangement, good sealness, complete and expandable proposals and safe operation. Beside, the on-site installation is quite convenient and simple.The product is a new type distribution device with advanced elements and high and new productiontechnology.

Service and Installation Conditions
Ambient temperature: -15℃~+40℃
Altitude: 2000m
Moisture: Daily average 95%, Monthly average 90%
Seismic intensity: 8°
The ambient environment should be without obvious pollution, such as corrosive or flammable gas or steem, and etc.
Additional consultation between the user and manufacture should be needed, if the switchgear is to be operated in the conditions not in conformity with the above ones.

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