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TKHD-2000 Partial Discharge On-line Monitor System

Based on the UHF detecting GIS partial discharge principle, the system is applied for real-time on-line intelligent monitor on GIS of each voltage class. Advanced detection principle and hardware and software optimization design, makes the system can effectively filter various interferences, reliable found inside the equipment hidden trouble. The system USES the intelligence software distinguish system, realize the all-weather real-time on-line inspection, system operation friendly interface, can automatic analysis and damage degree of partial discharge type, make according to the operation state of GIS made correctly implement maintenance, avoid insulation accidents. System along with the function of data sent to the Internet, thus to realize the remote monitoring. Application of the system, will greatly improve the reliability of GIS, greatly reducing maintenance workload.

 Main Parameters
1) Operation frequency of UHF probe: 500MHz~1500MHz
2) UHF Amplifier enhance: 40dB
3) Fliter type: 1.2GHz Ultra pass
4) Applied range: GIS with voltage of 126kV and above.
5) Sensitivity: Under testing condition, minimum measurable &#118alue is 30mv.
6) Temperature range: ≤45℃
7) Power source: 220V PF
8) Data store: Under default setting, data volumn is 12M/day
3 Note
1) The system could automatically start when booting. After powered off, system will be recovered and start the program without manual operation.
2) Signal transmission cable between UHF probe and computer should be added protection to prevent from demage, or lay cable trench..
3) Reference phase input should be connected with external trigger of collection card.

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