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KYN28A-12(Z)Metal-enclosed Drawout Switchgear

Type KYN28A-12(Z)/(GZS) indoor metal-enclosed drawout switchgear is mainly used for the electrifying of medium-and-small-sized generator, power distribution of mineral enterprise, electrifying of the secondary generation station of electric system and starting of the large-sized high volt motor to provide control, protection and monitor. This switch cubicle that conforms to IEC62271-200, GB3906-91 has the interlock functions like preventing to push or pull the truck of the circuit breaker with load, close or open the breaker faultily, switch off the breaker when the earthing switch is switched off, enter into the electrified compartment and switch off the earthing switch when it is electrified. D4 vacuum breaker manufactured by ABB company or VS1(ZN63) and VS1+ vacuum breaker manufactured in China are applicable for this cubicle.

Service and Installation Conditions
Ambient temperature -15℃~+40℃
Altitude ≤2000m
Humidity:Relative humidity daily at average≤95%
Relative humidity monthly at average≤90%
Seismic degree≤8°
The ambient air should not be polluted heavily by the corrosive and inflammable gas or moisture No heavy pollution and frequent violent vibration. Severity should meet the demand of class1.

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