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JDQXF-35~220 Voltage Transformer

This series of product is for the use of voltage measurement, electrical metering and relay protec-tion in power system, and adopts the standard of GB1207-2006 Electromagnetiz voltage transformer.

1. Working Conditions
Max. temperature:+40℃
Min. temperature: -30℃  (special requirement: -40℃)
Altitude: not more than 1000m ( not excess of 3000m for special orders)
Atmospheric conditions: no serious corrosive gas and combustibles & explosives
Seismic-resistance requirement: 9 degrees
Wind velocity: not more than 35m/s
Installation site: indoors or outdoors
2. Product Structure
Separate voltage transformer is composed of primary connection board, insulation bushing, enclosure, main body and secondary terminal box; voltage transformer for GIS is made up of basin-type insulators, electric connection, enclosure, main body and secondary terminal box.
The main body of transformer adopts single-stage structure, and insulation combined with SF6 gas and insulation film can withstand very high voltage. The main body fixed on connecting flange and is equipped inside of enclosure, outgoing line of secondary windings leads into secondary terminal box through connection of enclosure which provides connecting terminal for user.
Except placement of main body and fix the erection, the enclosure can also install SF6 density controller or pressure gauge, which has function of temperature compensation as well as 1 set of connection point for supply of alarming signal to monitor gas pressure in distance.
Insulation bushing is divided into porcelain bushing and compound insulating cement bushing.

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