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LVQB-35~500 Series SF6 Current Transformer

This series of current transformer is for the use of current measurement, electrical metering and relay protection in power system, and adopts the standard of GB1208-2006 Current Transformer

1.Working Conditions
Max. temperature: +40℃
Min. temperature:-30℃(special require:-40℃)
Altitude: no more than 1000m (not exceed than 3000m for special require)
Atmospheric conditions: no serious corrosive gas and combustibles & explosives
Seismic-resistance requirement: 9 degrees
Wind velocity: not more than 35m/s
Installation site: indoors or outdoors
2. Product Structure
The product overall structure is an inverted type, and of  the shell, the body, the insulating sleeve and the foundation are composed.
The shell is on the product, divided into "T"  structure and the bell glass-type structure. The shell is welded with guards against rust the aluminum; the bell glass type shell is made of the cast-aluminum material. The shell passes through the intensity, the gas tight examination and X ray crack detection examination.
The body of transformer (a winding and secondary winding) is fixed in the shell, between a winding and secondary winding using SF6 gas insulation, inside loaded with secondary winding the shield tubes with the epoxy resin insulation strut, and secondary winding lead-out wires directs through the lead wire tube to the foundation connecting box.
The insulating sleeve divides into the porcelain bushing and the silica gel compound insulating sleeve. The porcelain uses the high strength and the silica gel compound insulating sleeve uses the high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic sleeve strut inside and the silica gel umbrella skirt whole injection out side to take shape. Compared with the porcelain bushing, the silica gel drive pipe has remarkable anti-fouling dodges the performance, the hatred water performance and fine bear the
electric corrosion performance.
On the foundation installs the connecting box, the SF6 density of gas controller and the charge valve. The SF6 density of gas controller has the temperature compensation function and has two contacts to provide alarm-alert , and carries on the long-distance range monitoring gas pressure in the product.

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