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Oil-immersed Vertical Current Transformer

This series of current transformer is for the use of current measurement, electrical metering and relay protection in power system, and adopts the standard of GB1208-2006 Current Transformer

1. Working Conditions
Max. temperature: +40℃
Min. temperature: -45℃
Altitude: no more than 1000m (not exceed than 3000m for special require)
Atmospheric conditions: no serious corrosive gas and combustibles & explosives
Seismic-resistance requirement: 9 degrees
Wind velocity: not more than 35m/s
Installation site: indoors or outdoors
2. Product Structure
This series product is oil-immersed enclosed , mainly made up of primary body, expander, conservator, primary conducting rod, porcelain shell, mounting barrel and tank.
The body is made up of primary winding and secondary winding, the primary winding is U shape and primary conducting rod is semicircle aluminum pipe or paper rectangular copper wire.
Main insulation is a kind of capacitor oil paper insulation, high-volt cable wrapper on primary conducting rod, and capacitor panel will be installed and inner screen to be connected with high potential and earthing screen( also called ending screen) to be connected with earth.
Primary winding is divided into two parts, with totally 4 connectors leading out from conservator.
P2 side connects with conservator to equipotential, and others are insulated with conservator.
The current ratio will be varied through the connection type of conservator’s outer connecting piece change.
Secondary winding is fixed at the bottom of support,  the connectors of secondary windings are led out from secondary connection board of tank’s outlet box. Outer cable is connected to inner box through outgoing hole at the bottom of outgoing box.

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