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GGD LV AC Distribution Cubicle

GGD LV AC distribution cubicle is applicable for the power plant, substation, mineral enterprise and other electric users for electrical energy conversion, distribution and control of power, lightning and distribution equipments in the AC 50Hz power distribution system with rated operation voltage - 380V, and rated operation current up to 6300A.

1.The Cubicle conforms to the IEC 439 LV Complete Switchgear and Control Gear and GB 7251 LV Complete Switchgear and other standards. GGD has the advantages of high breaking capacity, excellent dynamic and thermal stability, original and reasonable structure, perfect electric program, high protection level and etc, which is the ideal product to replace the traditional ones.
2.Service and Installation Conditions
Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃(Average temperature should be within +35℃in 24 hrs)
Altitude: ≤2000m
Relative humidity: ≤50% (under +40℃) Larger relative humidity (for example 90% in +20℃) is allowed in lower temperature. Condensation due to temperature change should be informed in advance.
Sloping angle between the cubicle and the vertical plane during installation should be within 5°
The cubicle should be installed in the place without stenuous vibration, impact and heavy corrosion.

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